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Left Behind

Deeper and deeper into the abyss I sink
Knowing every breathe I take may be my last
I search in the darkness
Reaching out
And realize
Once again
I am alone

The crows are singing
Their song of night
And I know
That it won’t be long
Before the last spark of light
Has been extinguished
And the darkness
Is allowed to take me

Is anybody out there
to hear my cries?


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Hardwood Floor

I stood there
Tears burning my cheeks
Your words cutting me
like dull razorblades
their harshness
ripping into my soul
tearing at my very essence

“hold it together”
– but it’s too late

With each falling word
the fissure grows
years of forgotten pain
flooding out

My heart
carelessly dropped and cast aside
in coldness

Tattered, torn, rejected

and you ASK me to find my confidence?

It is laying there…
enveloped in the flood of tears
and my bleeding heart
On your hardwood floor

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Until You Return

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In the quiet solitude of my mind
I sit and ponder
what could have been

The memories of you
flood my senses
like so many tears

I reach for you
you are no where
though your presence surrounds me

I call for you
the empty echos of my cries
return to me
over and over again

a hollow reminder
that you are just out of reach

I build the walls
around my fragile heart
higher with each passing day
each fallen tear

I will wait
just inside
with my memories of you

Until you return

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you wrap your lies in pretty boxes
you tie them with a bow

Disguising yourself from yourself
but the truth is in the know

You hide behind the smoke and mirrors
wave the magic wand

A magician you are not
you’re time will soon be gone

Enough rope to hang yourself
A fool who’s unaware

Your demise is close at hand
a fate you’ll have to bear

Logic and reason have left your side
Chances are all used up

I’ve tried and tried to open your eyes but
you choose to keep them shut

I can no longer stand idly by
and watch this world unfold

Goodbye can be the hardest word
something’s are better left untold

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Where Dreams Await

the universe

Lay with me under the stars
Talk to me of dreams

Weave me a tapestry of your words
Like eloquence wafting softly on a breeze

Caress me with your intellect
Let me feel your mind with my soul

Paint me a picture of unadulterated beauty
Unmarred by the space between us

Drift away with me on the sea of love
Where time is of no consequence

Dream with me of stary nights and moon beams
Those things rarely seen or known

Let our souls dance on the shores of the Pacific
Where time stands still


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A Dream Unrequited


Hope shines bright on the horizon
…though it may be too late
Tattered and torn
I push along
Every revolution
possibly my last

A change is gonna come
but the need long forgotten

Status quo
rings through the air
as the night screams in solitude
the blind turn a deaf ear
and the deaf fail to see

What was once great
is now desolate
The dreams of many
now the reality of few

When will they realize?


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A Fool’s Charade

The lights are dimming
the crowd has gone
the curtain falls
on your one man show

No applause
no encore
just the silence of disdain
and the deafening clamor of distrust

The echoes of your voice
resound off the walls
the charade of your performance
now apparent to all

Fool hardy and unaware
you repeat your lines
to none
over and over until you believe

“If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?”
Not upon deaf ears


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