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You cut the bitches open, stuff em full of hot peppers, vinegar, sea salt, water (and a few other personal incidentals) and throw ’em in the freezer!

What a week, what a couple of months. Just as things finally started to come together I was blindsided at work with the reintroduction of “the Heroin Whore.”

The Heroin Whore is not your ordinary, every day type of whore – I mean, this bitch is the nastiest skankiest whore to ever slither out from the primordial ooze. She had cheated, lied to and stolen from my employers; endangered countless ex-employees lives, been convicted of Felony Welfare Fraud and is currently undergoing a multi-part felony trial which includes such gem charges as coercion, receipt of stolen goods, aiding and abetting, possession of narcotics, conspiracy to commit robbery, armed robbery, strong-armed robbery, resisting arrest, assault and battery and (my favorite) assault and battery of a police officer (I hear she’s single..er… her husband has 3 strikes with no hopes of getting out – EVER – any takers?) And yet, here I sit, perplexed and utterly confused as to WHY, in the name of all things unholy, I find myself in the position I am in.

Today, in an effort to clear the air, I made the mistake of approaching the owner (here in to be referred to as PIG VOMIT) in an effort to curtail the continued harassment and hostility that I have experienced by the hands of the Heroin Whore. As an employer, Pig Vomit has a LEGAL duty to ensure the safety and non-harassment of his employs and deal with any allegations of same immediately. He did. By telling ME to take a few days off and going on a tirade about what a piece of shit I am (um…apparently the 5 (yes 5) harassment suits that have been filed AND WON against him over the last 5-7 years have yet to teach him anything.) Oh, and he sided with the Heroin Whore and said that what she, and PIG  VOMIT JR., had been doing was completely acceptable in his eyes. (Oh, did I fail to mention that during the course of her previous employment that she broke into the offices twice, ripped off all the computer equipment, rent monies and checks and broke into the restaurant next door stealing food and about $3,500 in cash that was in their safe?) So this leads me to believe that whatever she has on them it must be really good for PIG VOMIT to risk an iron clad lawsuit for harassment; i mean he DID just post an $8,500 bond to bail her whorish ass out of jail two days ago. (The rumors around town (yes my city IS THAT small) are that she is/was sleeping with one or both of them or her 4 month old baby is PIG VOMIT JR.’s  – perhaps both *shudder*)

As much as I realize that this is TRULY a blessing in disguise and the powers that be are looking out for me I have to ask WHAT THE FUCK?! I’m trying to maintain a level head but every fiber of my being is screaming at me to take them down.  From a spiritual standpoint I am trying to keep from “slipping into the darkside”; the Incredible Hulk put it best when he said “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” From an emotional standpoint I just want to cry, not because I am sad, but out of sheer frustration and anger. From a professional standpoint I have called in the troops, am canvassing the internet and am throwing my resume out to anyone that will take a look; times are hard and I have a child to take care of so I can’t sit around and let my anger get the best of me. The rest of me wants to go voodoo on their asses (is there a CajunVegan/Psycho Hose Beast in the hose?) I guess we’ll see which side(s) win in the coming weeks…

To be continued…


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