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She looks in the mirror
a reflection unkown

The lines of time
stare back at her
like a road map to her soul

Her image
a ghost of things remembered
A past not long forgotten

A glimmer
just behind the darkness

In the distance
the voices call
We are here
We are here

Arms reach out
voices assuage

If only she would recognize
that “she” is waiting
with those that love them both


I wrote this for a VERY dear frien who was going through a hard time. I want to let her know how absolutely loved and adored she is by all that know her. Having her in my life has made me a better person. Sharing experiences with her has enriched my life. (Baby girl, you are NOT alone – the help is there – WE are here if only you ask. I will do everything within my power – move heaven and earth to ensure that both you and those beautiful babies are safe. Remember…have shovel -WILL travel. I LOVE YOU)


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